The Cost of Dental Crowns – How Much Will You Pay?

Dental crowns are an extremely popular option nowadays. This is because they serve a whole lot of purposes. They are commonly used to fix uneven teeth. They can lengthen short teeth, fix chipped ones and even whiten your smile. In cases of severe teeth staining, dental crowns are a fantastic option to work with. You will not have to use tubes and more tubes of teeth whitening products while you can get a perfectly white smile by using dental crowns.

However, the costs are extremely varied depending on a number of factors. One of these is the dentist that you visit. There are some who will just overcharge you for no reason. What is the cost of dental crowns and what affects this cost?

Cost of dental crowns

The cost of dental crowns normally falls in the neighborhood of $600 per tooth. The precise price of a dental crown depends on what the crown is for and the kind of the substance in use. For instance, a crown for a dental implant will likely cost more than a regular crown. A porcelain crown which resembles a normal tooth in color might be more costly than a metal crown placed on back molars.

Factors influencing the cost

As mentioned above, the cost of the crowns is affected by a number of factors. These include:

1. Type of crowns

Metal crowns tend to be more costly than resin. There are different types of crowns. When you speak to your dentist, he/she will be able to give you more guidance on the perfect type that will work for you.

2. Durability of the crowns

Metal crowns are considered more durable than other types of crowns. They do not easily chip or break easily as compared to other porcelain or resin types of crowns. However, they are not suitable for front teeth and are therefore not applicable when you are considering getting a dental crown. However, the porcelain fused to metal can be used for front teeth and are strong due to the attachment of the metal. They are relatively cheaper compared to the porcelain or metal crowns. However, they still run the risk of breaking as they are made of porcelain on the outside and are therefore prone to chipping or cracking.

3. Age of patients

It goes without saying that crowns for adults tend to be more costly than those for children. However, in some cases, they might be cheaper. Stainless steel crowns are effective when shielding baby teeth that cannot hold a filling. The caps are made before and customized to slip over the tooth and are then sealed with dental cement.

4. Insurance for crowns

With dental insurance, you are able to cut on the pricing of dental crowns. Be on the lookout for benefits and any yearly expenditure confines. If you have a child on Medicaid, the cost of the crown is catered for if there are medical reasons for it.